ACIL H1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

ACIL H1 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Part of a great music or movie entertainment is a kickass set of speakers. The ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds can deliver that exact surround sound environment in time when you cannot use a 7.1 speaker set or when you are using a mobile device. Coming from a new manufacturer that has some big name tags attached to it like Plantronics, Monster, and Harman, the ACIL H1 is making a statement and placing itself among the best Bluetooth earbuds in the industry.  Boasting of its pristine sound quality, long battery life, and its dual driver speaker technology, in this review I will test these features and report my findings.



ACIL H1 Design

Let me start with its design.  The shape earbuds themselves are angled to fit into my ears comfortably. What matters to me with a pair of earbuds is how long I can wear them without my ears hurting. My ears are small and get weary pretty quick when wearing earbuds, however, my experience with the H1 was good. I was able to wear the earbuds  through an entire movie and throughout this review. One area of concern that some people experience with earbuds that they don’t like discuss is the issue of ear wax. To address this issue ACIL included a pack of spare rubber tips so you can change them when necessary. I was a bit concerned with how the portability of the earbuds seeing that it doesn’t come with a clip to hold it to your clothing. ACIL solves this issue by making the earbuds magnetic, so you can stick them around your neck without then falling off. 


Placing the battery separate from the control module on the other side was a good idea. It add a balance to the earbuds when wearing, without the feeling of a weight on one side of your ear during use. Placing the battery on the other side also allows for a larger battery and longer battery life as opposed to having it integrated into the control module like in most models.



I found that to connect the H1 via Bluetooth was really simple. I simply pressed the center button until it goes into a continuous blink and scan on my mobile device which then shows ACIL device in the list of devices to pair with, and click connect. A really nice feature is that during this process, you have voice notification through the earbuds telling you that the power is on weather the battery is high or low, when the Bluetooth is paring , and when the power is on or powering off. I tested the range of the connectivity and it worked up to 33ft like it said, I was able to get a litte further but I got a connectivity notification. So the range is good, given that Bluetooth technology has a standard range of about 30ft.


Sound Quality

The most important feature of any headphones, earbuds, or gaming headset is its sound quality. Modern society has produced DTS digital and Dolby Atmos which is widely used in movies all cinemas. YouTube and all mobile also has this capability which allows us to experience the same digital surround experience via headsets. The experience is even grated with the use of headphones and earbuds because of their close proximity to your ears. With the ACIL H1, I really dug deep into its sound quality by testing a wide range of audio types from both DTS digital and Dolby Atmos. I discovered that depending on the mobile device you pair it with the quality will differ. So I paired it to a Samsung Galaxy S8+ for testing, then I paired it to an Android TV box for movie cinematic experience. This headphones can handle deep deep bass, as well as rich mid range and treble highs. The clarity is really good, however be careful of the device you connect it to as any static or coil whine coming from graphics cards of hard drives will transfer through the signal and onto the headset. You don’t get these noises through mobile phones, so they are the best devices to connect to. TV boxes are also noise free, but PCs and game capture devices can generate some noise, but that is not the fault of the headset.


Final Thoughts

I am pleased by these earbuds and would recommend that are safe if you intend on purchasing this product. It is of high quality material and does it job in a good way. If you are on a mobile device like a Samsung or an iPhone, download an equalizer app and install it and you will be taken to a whole new level of sound quality that you never new existed on you mobile device, and the additional boost in sound quality you can achieve with these ACIL H1. 

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