Top 10 TV Boxes On Gear Best For 2017


Top 10 TV Boxes On Gear Best For 2017


These are the Top 10 TV Boxes On Gear Best For 2017. The following TV boxes were selected using the following criteria.

  1. Release date. it Must be a 2017 release.
  2. CPU. Amlogic S912, or Rockchip RK3328 or the RK3399.
  3. GPU. ARM Mali T820, or the Mali T860.
  4. Memory. 3GB of RAM and over, and 32GB of internal storage and over.
  5. Connectivity. 802.11 dual band WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0 and over.
  6. Operating system. Android 7.1 and over, and it must be rooted.
  7. User Experience. 4 out of 5 stars and over.
  8. Benchmark scores. The scores must be above average than most boxes in its class.

CoolCold TV Box / Router Cooling fan

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CSA96 RK3399 6X Dual CPU TV Box

CSA96 US Model

CSA96 UK Model

CSA96 EU Model


Tanix TX92 Android 7.1 High-End TV box


Tanix TX92 US

Tanix TX92 UK

Tanix TX92 EU


Khadas VIM2 DIY Open Source Android 7.1 TV Box

Khadas VIM2 64GB

Khadas VIM2 32GB

Khadas VIM2 16GB


Magicsee Iron+ Powerful Android 7.1 TV box


Magicsee Iron+ US

Magicsee Iron+ UK

Magicsee Iron+ EU


H96 MAX RK3399 6X Dual CPU TV Box

H96 MAX RK3399 US

H96 MAX RK3399 UK

H96 MAX RK3399 EU


H96 Pro+ BestSelling Android 7.1 4K TV Box

H96 Pro+ US

H96 Pro+ UK

H96 Pro+ EU

H96 Pro+ AU


Yundoo Y8 RK3399 6X High-End 4K TV Box


Yundoo-Y8Yundoo Y8 US

Yundoo Y8 UK

Yundoo Y8 EU


Beelink GT1 Ultimate Maxed Out Android 7.1 4K TV Box


Beelink GT1 Ultimate US

Beelink GT1 Ultimate UK

Beelink GT1 Ultimate EU


YokaTV KB2 Pro Powerful High-End Android 7.1 Box


YokaTV KB2 Pro US

YokaTV KB2 Pro UK

YokaTV KB2 Pro EU


Sunvell T95K Pro Android 7.1 3GB/32GB 4K TV Box

T95K-Pro-TV-BoxT95K Pro US

T95K Pro UK

T95K Pro EU


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